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 Additional Services are available for :

Wedding Gowns

  • Special days only come once in a lifetime, here at Robbinsville Cleaners we understand the preciousness and value of your wedding gown. As a symbol of one of the most important days of your life, we make sure that each gown is individually hand washed for vibrancy and preservation.
  • Cleaning & Preservation :  Every wedding gown is given professional attention by our highly trained staff, with necessary precautions taken to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace. After a thorough inspection, wedding gowns are carefully pressed, and sealed with tissue in our acid-free boxes.

Bed Linens: 

  • Bed linens can include such things as: pillows, comforters, duvets, bed sheets, quilts, and much more.
  • Each item is thoroughly and gently washed so as to not disturb any of the materials found inside the bed linens, pillows, or cushions. Bed linens that only need to be laundered are better done at our facilities in order for proper cleaning to be ensured, as our industrial-sized machines are able to accommodate to any and all sizes.  
  • All cleaned and steam pressed bed linens, pillows, and cushions are placed in breathable storage bags. These bags come equipped with zippers for quick and easy access, and carrying handles for simple transport. Storage bags may be returned to our facilities to be properly recycled, if you do not wish to use them.

Leather and Suede Clothes   

  • Suede, leather, and fur must be carefully cleaned in order to prevent any damage to delicate materials. Our dedicated staff is fully trained to not only clean your garments, but to also replenish and promote its natural oils. Our delicate and thorough cleaning process will protect your suede, leathers, and furs from further wear, while also keeping them looking like new!
  • We are also able to clean such materials as mink, lambskin, snakeskin, cowhide, alligator skin, and much more! No request is ever impossible to fulfill!

Curtains, Draperies & Tablecloths

  • Broad Axe Cleaners has the required skills necessary to effectively clean your delicate curtains and draperies, and tablecloths. With great attention to detail, our highly trained staff inspects each item for stains, loose threads, and other attention areas. Curtain and drapes are cleaned using our most gentle solvents and conditioners and steam pressed to bring them back to life.
  • Each curtain and drapery is neatly folded onto two (2) secure hangers, and sealed in our thick plastic bag. This ensures that the quality remains pristine even after storage.

Shoe Repair  

  • Broad Axe Cleaners  provides a full range of different shoe repair services, each of which are performed professionally and with extreme care. Shoe repairs include but are not limited to: heel replacement, size adjustment, and repairing scrapes and scratches. We accept any kind of shoes whether it may be, men’s women’s, boots, high-heels, flats, etc.


  • Area rugs of all sizes are thoroughly cleaned using portable equipment or truck mount systems. Steam extraction with detergent is used to rinse out dirt and soils, leaving rugs clean and vibrant. Stubborn spots that are not removed by the normal cleaning process are pretreated using an arrangement of different cleaning agents. Vibrant colors are again restored keeping in mind the integrity and longevity of the rugs.


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